Fixed Asset Management

We are determined to promote an improved financial supervision, regulatory compliance and risk management.


Services & Corporate Solutions

Cpcon Group helps clients with accounting, controlling, and managing their fixed and property assets. While using a world-class and innovative technology, our professionals have been constantly evolving and refining new and improved services to assist clients with their daily financial responsibilities and management challenges.


Asset Inventory and Data Reconciliation

With a focus on precise data collection and comprehensive reporting, our vast experience and meticulous approach ensure that our clients receive a cleansed fixed asset register and structured life cycle inventory, promoting an improved financial supervision, regulatory compliance and risk management.


Software Solutions

CPCON has developed software solutions to help large-, mid- and small-sized organizations automate inventory process and manage the entire lifecycle of their assets, materials, products and stocks from purchasing to implementation into a single dashboard, with our Mobile Application, RFID or Barcode Tagging services and built-in tools for on-going management.

Trusted By 2,000+ Organizations

Operating in 3 countries, CPCON Group is an industry leader in fixed asset consultancy services, providing our clients with accurate data and automated tools needed for fixed asset management. CPCON Group is headquartered in the United States with offices around the world.

Our Methodology

Through the power of people, technology and innovation, CPCON Group practices its foundation of the client first. At CPCON Group, our professionals are committed to quality and service excellence, implementing the best-practices approaches and earning the public’s trust through transparency, actions, and internal compliance.



MRO Data Services

Our well-professionals draw upon deep experience and cutting-edge technology to assist clients in cleansing and standardizing MRO material records placed in EAM and ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Maximo, etc.). Benefits include increased visibility of stockroom, accurate reporting and streamlined bill of materials. 


Asset Valuation

We routinely assist clients with the valuation of tangible and intangible assets for every industry.

Our professionals perform onsite physical inspections and estimate depreciation from physical, functional, technological, and economic factors. As well as undertaking detailed physical inventories of a company’s fixed assets, if requested.


Fixed Asset Management

With a proven methodology and procedures, CPCON Group is recognized for establishing best-practices approaches and service excellency in fixed asset management.
Our vast experience and tech innovation ensure that our clients not only received a cleansed and accurate fixed asset database, but also its automatic data integration with their general ledger system or ERP. As well as having the asset data reconciled with tax depreciation.


RFID Solutions

Through continued research and technology development, we have developed business expertise and software solutions to assist clients with their asset and inventory tracking challenges. Our Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) system of Tags, Services and Software eliminates manual counting of items and automate data collection in physical inventories. Benefits include access to full visibility and real-time tracking of items and streamlined reconciliation.



Strategic Partnerships

As we continue to create innovative solutions and business services, CPCON has established strategic partnerships with organizations around the globe who mirror our values and share our mission in satisfying the needs of company’s financial requirements, internal control and regulatory compliance.


Inventory Management System

Our Cube Inventory management software uses RFID or Barcode technologies to track and manage physical inventory of products and stocks, with a Mobile Application and Open-source Management Dashboard that collect and update inventory data. Allowing users to generate discrepancy and custom reports. Rest API service ensures easy integration with enterprise systems. Cloud-based or self-hosted services available.


Asset Tracking System

Our Cube Asset tracking software creates an open-source management dashboard that either works with Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) or Barcode systems to deliver in a streamlined tracking solution and structured digital reporting with built-in tools supporting set-up and ongoing management of your company’s fixed assets. Easy integration with leading ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Maximo, etc.). Cloud-based or self-hosted services available.

Company Overview

Our firm is composed of well-versed and dedicated professionals that serve various industries from offices throughout the world, which is supported by our accomplishments.


Fixed Asset Inventory/Reconciled


RFID Labels Tagged


Asset Barcode Labels Tagged


Property Assets Appraised.

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