IT Asset Inventory Management

We’re a global leader in providing clients with it asset inventory tracking and management solutions to establish the best-practices approaches to it asset management (ITAM).

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Achieve Full IT Asset Visibility

Managing IT assets have impacted the dynamics of traditional fixed asset accounting management, since many organizations have a significant percentage of their fixed assets and capital budgeting in computer technology and related assets. CPCON’s well-versed professionals can help you integrate IT Asset Management (ITAM) into Fixed Asset Management (FAM) with Automated Inventory Tracking System to monitor the asset’s financial elements, physical location, asset condition, department, and asset custody. Not only does CPCON help you track and monitor your IT assets, but also CPCON provides detailed physical inventory, tagging and reconciliation services to facilitate asset management initiatives in identification of fixed and IT assets.

IT Asset Inventory Management
IT Asset Inventory Management

Our services include:

  • A full-enterprise inventory service, tagging and reconciliation services
  • A cyclic inventory with the goal of encompassing the full enterprise over time
  • Dynamic inventory methodologies and RFID Tagging solutions; and Asset Valuation.
  • Automate IT Asset Management with RFID Tracking
  • Data delivered in the layout required to populate an ERP System.
  • Easily integration with ERP for maintaining accurate records is available upon request.

IT Inventory to Fixed Asset Accounting and Corporate Acquisitions

As organizations acquire more assets or proceed with corporate aquisitions, a singular baseline master database of all IT assets is necessary to streamline IT asset management and improve strategic decision-making for ITAM. Inventorying and reconciliation of the IT assets will help assign the current fair market value of the IT assets, allowing you to establish an estimated cost of replacement new for the next refresh, evaluate and resolve unfavorable IT asset leasing agreements. Independent and outsourced baseline inventory services maximize economies of scale, improving management efficiency and costs.

Automate your IT Asset Discovery and Inventory Management

To facilitate the inventory efficiency, our RFID Asset Inventory Management solution offers the real-time, in-field validating, bulk check-in / out and reporting of fixed assets and IT assets. Consolidating the management of IT assets through accurate inventory data, consistent asset platform and comparative checks on the field and accounting data. The IT Asset Tracking System with RFID assists with a wide spectrum of Fixed Asset Management or ITAM initiates, as follows: Fixed Asset Accounting, IT Asset Management,
IT Service Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Leasing Agreements and Hardware / Software Deployments.

Deliver the Reconciled Inventory Data to Populate your ERP System

Fixed asset transactions often represent the acquisition and disposal of assets and the allocation of related costs to reporting depreciation expenses. Our independent and objective fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services will deliver the reconciled inventory file in the layout required to populate an ERP System or IT Asset Management (ITAM) system. Increasing management efficiencies and saving hours of rework.

Automate your Data Collection Technology

Manual processes of inventory data collection with Barcode and Spreadsheets poses further challenges to in-house inventory and reconciliation procedures, as these require many hours and even days of manual work in properly recording and verifying information on the organization’s fixed assets. Our RFID Asset Inventory Management Software offers bulk asset check-in / out, automated line-by-line reconciliation, and real-time asset visibility with configurable audit reports, while being able to integrate with leading ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Sage, IBM, etc.

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IT Asset Inventory Management

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IT Asset Inventory Management

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IT Asset Inventory Management

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IT Asset Inventory Management

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