Implemented RFID Solutions Improving Warehouse Processes for Regulated Utility Company

CPCON implemented the RFID tracking technology for two of the largest Power Utility companies in Latin America to track and manage their inventory management processes of the Supply Chain. This provided higher visibility into the client’s material handling, from receiving to picking, which in turn significantly reduced service level delays.

As a tracking technology, RFIDs replace barcodes to provide bulk item scanning, data storage, and real-time data reporting properties – in other words, real-time inventory accuracy. Prior to RFID implementation, field operation spent 25 minutes on average to locate equipment across the warehouse. Since RFIDs tagged equipment are traceable, field operation utilizes from RFID handhelds and fixed real-time tracking RFID antennas to locate assets in less than 5 minutes. The client’s field operation team also uses the bulk RFID scanning to improve the pallet receiving time from 20 seconds to 5 seconds, while reaching approximately 99.8% of data accuracy. All errors and discrepancies in inventory data reporting were minimized. An effective RFID supply chain and inventory management solution eliminated manual time-consuming and labor-intensive material receiving and picking processes.

Indeed, the gaining business value to Supply Chain Management from RFID systems resides primarily in data to make better business decisions and improve process efficiencies. For instance, real-time RFID inventory data allowed the client’s Supply Chain finance team to optimize equipment utilization, decrease storage space, and improve business decisions on material replenishment. The client’s Supply Chain finance discovered new patterns in inventory management that provided more intelligence to a business process of the supply chain, freeing up capital and increasing cash flow.

As part of RFID implementation support, the client engaged CPCON to leverage our deep experience and technical knowledge with inventory control management best-practices to provide the following end-to-end solution package:

  • Design and create Custom-Made Dashboard to manage and track KPIs on real-time inventory data / visibility, and enable automated data reconciliation
  • Design and provide RFID tagging solutions to read long range and resist impact
  • Planning and installation of fixed RFID antennas at door receiving and exit areas to check in / out Tagged items in bulk
  • Provide RFID handheld readers to easily track and locate pallets / items on-site
  • Enable and set up notifications to global on service level requests and inventory control activity
  • Record detailed logs of item movement to satisfy audit requirements
  • Process and on-going consulting services for streamlined inventory management and corresponding improved equipment utilization, storage space optimization, and material replenishment optimization
  • Create an Interface with the Client’s SAP EWM system Module MM