ASC 842 Advisory Solution

CPCON offers deep experience, transparency and independence in ASC 842 standard implementation for financial reporting, tax, and regulatory compliance.

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Deep Financial and Tax Reporting Knowledge

Since the passage and wide adoption of ASC 842, lease accounting has received a higher audit scrutiny. This exposed organizations to noncompliance and audit risks on how their leased assets – such as, equipment, vehicles, and real estate – are accounted for in the balance sheet. Finance and accounting teams face different challenges in gathering, organizing, measuring, and presenting lease-related records to assure regulatory compliance.

Our specialists draw upon deep experience and knowledge to help clients manage and account for their leases. We guide through each testing requirement, relevant sections, and standard implementation from ASC 842, as well as assisting our clients with the proper documentation and evidence reporting. Promoting a sound financial reporting, capital budgeting, and regulatory compliance.

ASC 842 Advisory Solution
ASC 842 Advisory Solution

Our ASC 842 Advisory solutions include:

o Lease classification testing and support services
o Finance lease measurement / determination
o Operating lease measurement / determination
o Fair value determination for ASC 842
o Creation of Software Solutions for Data Consolidation

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ASC 842 Advisory Solution

Wendell Jeveaux

CEO / President
Fixed Asset Advisory - Global Region
Office: +1 (347) 554-2629
ASC 842 Advisory Solution

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Managing Director
Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
Office: +1-347-706-3302, dial 2
ASC 842 Advisory Solution

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Managing Director
Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
Office: +1-347-706-3302, dial 10

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ASC 842 Advisory Solution

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