Tangible Asset Valuation

CPCON offers deep experience, transparency and independence in the valuation of tangible assets for financial reporting, tax and other purposes.

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Deep Financial and Tax Reporting Knowledge

Changing tax and financial reporting regulations require an objective and independent assessment of value. Regulatory bodies – such as, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), International Accounting Standards Board (IAS), etc. – establish a variety of implementation guidance and new financial reporting rules with asset valuation implications, while the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other global tax authorities impose new reporting rules with tax valuation implications, transfer pricing and related work.

As a leading market provider of valuation services, CPCON has more than 25 tangible asset professionals, who routinely assist clients with the valuation of tangible assets (e.g., real estate and fixed assets) and documentation needs. Based on your business requirements and use of the valuation, CPCON works with you to develop a custom approach to satisfy all your valuation needs. Our global network of CPCON tangible asset valuation professionals provide an international perspective should the need arise.

CPCON’s Industry knowledge and experience

To properly assess value of tangible assets, we have a team of valuation professionals who possess industry-specific knowledge, relevant experience, and familiarity with the assets in a variety of industries and asset types, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings and land
  • Commercial and passenger vehicle fleets
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Power plants
  • Oil refineries and rigs
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Infrastructure assets (airports, railways, harbors, etc.)
  • Real property leases
  • Computer equipment, office equipment, and software
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting networks
Tangible Asset Valuation
Tangible Asset Valuation

Our tangible asset valuation services include:

Financial Reporting

  • ASC 805 and IFRS 3, Business Combinations
  • ASC 820 and IFRS 13, Fair Value Measurement
  • ASC 842 and IAS 16, Leases
  • ASC 350 and IAS 38, Goodwill and Other
  • ASC 360 and IAS 16, Property, Plant and Equipment

Tax planning and reporting

  • IRC 703 Partner’s Distributive Share
  • IRC 754 / 735 / 743, Partnership Property Basis Adjustments
  • IRC 897, Disposition of Investment in United States Real Property (FIRPTA)
  • IRC 1031, Exchange of Real Property held for Productive Use or Investment
  • IRC 1060 / 338, Asset Acquisitions
  • Property Tax
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • Gift and Estate Tax


  • Real estate advisory
  • Fixed asset management
  • Machinery and equipment appraisals
  • Lease portfolio and residual value analysis
  • Preacquisition due diligence
  • Depreciation and useful life studies
  • Asset componentization

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Tangible Asset Valuation

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Fixed Asset Advisory - Global Region
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Tangible Asset Valuation

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Managing Director
Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
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Tangible Asset Valuation

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Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
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Tangible Asset Valuation

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