Cost Segregation Studies

As a market leader, we assist clients to maximize tax deductions and increase cash flow with cost segregation services.

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Enhance Internal Control over Real and Personal Property Assets

Cost segregation studies are performed to identify and quantify building and site components in which the construction or acquisition costs shall be classified and allocated into the correct real and personal property assets and recovery period (MARCS schedule).

We have extensive experience in assisting clients with valuable support in connection with detailed cost segregation analysis, reclassification and proper asset allocation, related to the construction acquisition of real estate. Allowing clients to identify and apply eligible accelerated depreciation and tax deductions, while also minimized audit exposures.

Cost Segregation Studies
Cost Segregation Studies

Our services include:

  • Detailed cost model of the building and site improvements along with proper allocation of FMV costs to real and personal property assets
  • Detailed analysis of new buildings / renovation and related costs to segregate costs of assets, verifying eligibility for accelerated depreciation
  • Review of lease terms (including tenant allowances) to provide an cost segregation analysis under a leasehold improvement construction model
  • Eligibility verification of individual and corporate income taxes deductions
  • Eligibility verification of real estate taxes
  • Eligibility verification of personal property taxes
  • Reclassification and allocation of assets to proper depreciation schedules
  • Verification of after-tax benefits with older buildings

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Cost Segregation Studies

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Cost Segregation Studies

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Cost Segregation Studies

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Cost Segregation Studies

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