Real-Time Location System For
Asset Management​

Streamline asset management with real-time asset status, location, maintenance and visibility data, into a centralized online platform – integrable with ERP / EAM systems.

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Hands-Free RFID
asset tracking software

  • Streamline asset management with real-time asset visibility
  • Locate and monitor your assets in real-time
  • Automate and visualize the tracking of equipment inventory and other assets
  • Generate automatic detailed logs / history of asset movement
  • Visualize a heat map of asset movement to identify gaps in process
  • Fully remote line-by-line reconciliation tool
  • Integrate with your ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.

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Real-Time Location System For<br>Asset Management

Key Benefits

Created by professional appraisers, for plant controllers, property management and accounting professionals, CPCON supports the management of your fixed asset lifecycle.


Locate and track your assets across physical locations in real-time. Monitor the maintenance status of your assets. keep track of asset custody, location, work in progress and movement logs.


Enable custom alerts and notifications to limit asset movement in geofenced areas.


Organize and maintain proper asset accounting records with the use of AI and automated tracking tools which allows you to save property asset taxes and insurance expenses by up to 30% on assets not found during the physical inventory process.


Not only does the detailed history of your assets with movement logs, path history and heat map help you to conform with the company’s regulatory compliance and internal policies, but also this will help you identify bottlenecks and potential threats to theft and waste.


Seamlessly integrates with leading erp and accounting system solutions such as SAP and Oracle, being able to reduce risks with double entry and human error.

Real-Time Location System For<br>Asset Management
Real-Time Location System For<br>Asset Management

Maximize your ROI
With CPCON Fixed
Assets Solution

Get access to our well-versed consultants who have deep experience and technical knowledge in implementing best-practices approaches to
inventory management. Our solutions include:

  • Comprehensive and customized project planning
  • Dynamic rfid inventory methodologies
  • Advanced tools, predictive maintenance, geolocation, and heat map engineering
  • RFID tagging solutions
  • Fixed asset valuation, inventory tagging and reconciliation
  • Custom interface services to automate data transfer /
  • Integration with your ERP system, including SAP

Why choose CPCON RTLS Equipment & Assets?

We have combined our best software solutions and best-practices of asset management – real-time location
tracking, active RFID tracking system, equipment inventory system, asset management and maintenance software – into one complete package, CPCON RTLS Asset and Equipment.

With one centralized solution, you will be able to document, locate and track your assets in real-time across physical locations. Leading increased asset management and maintenance efficiencies over equipment and asset inventory.


Record multiple data and
thousand of assets in one
place, saving time on data
collection and reporting.


Connect leading ERP and EAM systems
for real-time data and see its direct
impact on automated data entries,
predictive maintenance and asset


Advanced analytics to analyze and
benchmark important KPI’s like item’s heat map, movement logs, additions vs.
retirements (etc.). The detailed insights
enable you to optimize your asset
management and maintenance workflows.

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