Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

We assist physical stores, supermarkets and leading retailers with their sales and inventory management optimization.

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ESLs Display Prices, Brand and Product Information at the Shelf in a Full Digital Format

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) contain digital screens to electronically display and change prices, brand design, stock availability, reviews and any product information. Our software solution* features remote management of product updates in real time, allowing managers to save physical inventory and tagging costs. Our system of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and software solutions allow the store personnel to focus only on customer service and product’s reallocation, as the Electronic Labels digitizes manual processes, automates pricing management and creates new sale channels.

Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation
Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

Our services include:

  • Pricing automation
    • Remotely change the product prices directly at the self through the digital labels (ESL) and management software
    • Integration with leading POS systems
    • Connect with POS system solutions, such as SQUARE, to facilitate and enhance data exchange across store management systems
    • Customer interactivity & quick check-out
    • Display product reviews, brand content, or even QR Codes for higher customer interactivity or online check-outs
    • Omnichannel synchronization
    • Update stock and inventory information – such as the stock availability, per size or color, quantity, etc. – in real-time
    • Remote management
    • Our software solution connects unlimited digital labels (ESLs) placed within 100-m of coverage diameter

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Some of the benefits of the ESL system include digital transformation – the digital labels eliminate manual efforts in tagging, data collection, and data reporting -, automated product prices (error-free), optimized stock control – update stock availability and inventory information in real-time, as customers check out your products -, increased sales through brand awareness or ads creation, generated cost-savings in tagging and inventory practices, and implemented power of data analytics – customize reports and data visualization on customer behavior using the ESL software.

Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

Our services include:

  • Dynamic Electronic Shelf Pricing (digital pricing) methodologies
  • Comprehensive and customized project planning
  • Customized software development and dashboard creation
  • Digital price tagging solutions
  • System installation and maintenance services
  • Physical inventory and tagging services
  • Subscription-basis (SAAS) software is available

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Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

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Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

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Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

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Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

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