Machinery and Equipment Valuation

We have independence, transparency and deep experience to assist clients with accurate fixed asset valuations and appraisal services for tax, insurance and financial reporting purposes.

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Measure and Determine the Fair Market Value for Tax, Insurance and Financial Reporting Purposes

Our well-versed professionals have collaborated with over 2,000 organizations in every industry to perform the appraisal, documentation and valuation of machinery and equipment for different purposes that includes tax and financial reporting requirements, insurance compliance, merger and acquisitions (M&A), litigation support, financing and interest expenses allocation, and lease negotiation.

As a reliable provider of valuation services, CPCON has over 25 appraisal experts with market-leading designations located in multiple offices across the United States. Also, CPCON utilizes from our global network of asset valuation professionals to assist clients with international engagements, if requested. Our team possess deep experience, technical and industry knowledge in valuating all asset types – for telecommunication leaders, heavy industries, healthcare systems, laboratories, oil and gas, and governments.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation
Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Our services include:

  • Fair Value Determination for financial reporting under US GAAP and IFRS, such as:
    • ASC 805, Business Combinations, and IFRS 3;
    • ASC 360, PPE – Impairment Testing of Assets -, and IAS 36;
    • ASC 842, Lease Classification, and IFRS 16;
    • Fixed Asset Revaluation for IFRS 16
  • Fair Value Determination for tax reporting, such as:
    • I.R.C Section 1060 / 338(h)(10)
      Asset Acquisitions;
    • Property Tax;
      Intracompany Asset Transfers and/or Sales;
    • Corporate structure tax planning;
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Asset-Based collateral financing
  • Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value Determination for insurance placement or loss analysis
  • Fixed asset inventory / reconciliation services
  • Review Useful Life / Depreciation studies

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Machinery and Equipment Valuation

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CEO / President
Fixed Asset Advisory - Global Region
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Machinery and Equipment Valuation

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Managing Director
Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
Office: +1-347-706-3302, dial 2
Machinery and Equipment Valuation

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Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
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Machinery and Equipment Valuation

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