Reconstructed the Organization and Inventory of Finished Products For Premier Cava Brut Producer

Challenge: Establishing an Accurate Stock File for Product Fulfillment

A leading producer of cava and other sparkling wine across the Americas, with 3,500+ employees, faced a significant challenge. The task at hand was to create an accurate and up-to-date stock file for the customer’s fulfillment needs. The company sought an independent provider of inventory solutions focused on advanced technologies to organize, audit and reconcile the stock, as well as assessing and optimizing the warehouse layout.

Solution: Partnering with CPCON for Comprehensive Inventory Management and Optimized Layout

To address the challenge, the premier wine producer partnered with CPCON to organize and inventory the stock using a service called “Wall-to-Wall Inventory Audit”. The collaboration included:

  • Initial consultations and site visits to develop a tailored process and project plan.
  • Deployment of 10 experienced CPCON auditors per day to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Completion of a physical inventory count in the warehouse, with meticulous identification and documentation of stock items and their locations.
  • Creation of an accurate database, ensuring that each stock item was correctly cataloged with its corresponding location.
  • Deployment of 3D warehouse layout indicating each stock location for expedited inventory management

Results: Efficient Inventory Process and Satisfied Customer

The partnership with CPCON yielded impressive results:

  • CPCON teams accurately counted approximately 10,000 SKUs, 800 pallets, and over 2,000 bins.
  • The service provider benefited from CPCON support in counting and booking inbound items, ensuring their immediate and correct placement in the warehouse.
  • The project was completed in less than one week, significantly faster than the anticipated 2 weeks had the company used its own internal employees.
  • The customer expressed high satisfaction with CPCON expertise and the reliable results delivered, leading to a strong interest in continuing the partnership for future inventory and service needs.