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We provide a baseline asset inventory and tagging services using

RFID or Barcode technology to assist clients in tracking their fixed assets and ensuring a precise inventory data that includes from qualities to condition of items.

We provide a baseline asset inventory and tagging services using

Public- and private-sector clients historically have accounting and operational challenges associated with enterprise assets management, internal controls, financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Inaccurate fixed asset records – such as, ghost assets, grouped assets, vague descriptions, and other data gaps – cause serious problems for an organization, leading to inadequate or missing asset descriptions (manufacturer, model, serial number, and more), assignment of unreasonable useful lives for depreciation schedules, little or no use of property identification tags, bulk purchase of equipment, and deficient documentation of asset movement (disposals, transfers, retirement, etc.).

CPCON became an industry leader in asset tracking and management solutions to efficiently perform inventory audit requirements, that delivers the data visibility required to develop accurate fixed asset records, followed by a financial reconciliation (if required). Satisfying Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance; GAAFR; GAAP; IFRS; federal grant reporting; property management; insurance; reimbursement determination; and internal planning requirements.

Our services

Customized Project Planning and Outsourcing Team

Utilize tablet technology with our inventory software to optimize data integrity

Conduct a physical inventory focused on recording all descriptive and location information possible

Affix barcode and/or radio-frequency (RFID) property tags to all untagged assets

Generate detailed reporting containing the Assets Description, Picture, Condition, Location (Building, Room, Department, Custodian, Company), Brand, Model, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Asset Tagability, and so on

Data migration and integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Off-site quality assurance to reconcile the inventory to the fixed asset accounting records (if required) until these are verified as match, retirement or addition


Improved financial reporting

Satisfied audit requirements

Data delivered in the layout required to populate ERP or ITAM systems

Accurate property tax values

Streamlined insurable values

Meaningful capital budgeting / forecasting

Support for mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

Improved asset utilization for higher-end initiatives

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RFID Inventory Management System
RFID Inventory Management System


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RFID Inventory Management System