Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory
and Reconciliation

CPCON engages with hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide to provide independent, market-leading fixed asset inventory, tagging and reconciliation services.

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Enhance Your Fixed Asset Register

Historically, fixed assets constitute a significant percentage of capital spend for many Hospitals and Healthcare organizations. Ensuring integrity of the fixed asset register can be challenging and overwhelming, which feature high volumes of equipment and property assets located throughout complex medical facilities, on mobile carts, and shared by multiple users.

As the leading provider of fixed asset inventory services, CPCON has provided full physical inventory, asset tagging, asset register reconciliation, and asset valuations / appraisals to hundreds of clients – including healthcare leaders, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, etc. – in each year. Establishing a quality foundation for financial reporting, capital budgeting, and regulatory compliance.

Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory
Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory

Our fixed asset inventory services include:

  • Fixed Asset Review / Clean Up / Diagnostics
  • Comprehensive and customized project planning needed for on-site physical inventory
  • Asset Tagging (RFID and/or Barcode) application
  • Utilization of Tablet Technology Inventory Software for Data Collection and Reporting
  • Line-by-Line Asset Register Reconciliation – consisting of an off-site quality assurance team to review and reconcile each financial record to the inventory data
  • Advisory services, on-site visits to verify residual assets
  • ERP Updating services including SAP Systems, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc.
  • Machinery and equipment valuation / fixed asset appraisals for financial reporting
  • Useful life / depreciation studies
  • RFID Asset Tracking Systems implementation to automate the documentation and auditing of fixed assets

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Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory

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Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory

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Fixed Asset Advisory - North American Region
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Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory

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Hospital Fixed Asset Inventory

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