RFID Solutions

CPCON provides its customers with RFID technology to control and monitor their assets and stocks, with passive and active tags.

The largest RFID inventory project was undertaken by CPCON on a banking customer with more than 1,500,000 tagged assets.

Solutions for your company

Inventory system for mixed RFID-Barcode technology

Asset control system via web

Monitoring with passive and active tags

Our RFID Solution

CPCON provides its customers with a state-of-the-art monitoring solution using RFID technology. The solution has innovative and customizable features in the control of movement and positioning of the project's assets.

Through a personalized web portal, the customer has an up-to-date view of the physical position of their items, monitored around the clock, with non-compliance alerts via SMS. For the implementation of the RFID system, CPCON also has in the scope of business process analysis solutions

Business Process Analysis Solutions

  • Design of the RFID System integrated into the operation;
  • Return on Investment Analysis (ROI);
  • Development of Interfaces (Middleware) for integration with ERPs used in the company;
  • Pre-Pilot and Pilot Deployment;
  • On-site Integrated Training;
  • RFID project documentation.

Some RFID applications already implemented by CPCON

  • Asset control;
  • Tracking of documents, books, medicines;
  • Event management, people location;
  • Inventory control, clothing, products, vehicles, laundry;
  • Surgical instrumentation, mobile equipment, devices.

ideal customer profile

Enterprises that have the desire for innovative technological solutions for the control and monitoring of their assets. The solutions that use RFID tags ensure modernity and agility in the enterprise's asset management process.

RFID solutions also ensure differentiated and automated control in the process of removing goods from stock, warehouse, etc.

Combined with specific software, you can make asset management much simpler and more efficient for your business.

What are RFID solutions?

RFID solutions are useful in the asset identification process. It is basically composed of a tag containing the radio frequency identification technology (Radio-Frequency IDentification), where the asset information is stored. As an example, a tag equipped with RFID technology is installed on a device, and contains the information of that asset.

With a reading equipment, consisting of an antenna for reading the RFID tags, it is possible to retrieve the asset data present in the tag. This reader can also be connected to an asset management software and the operator can update the data for that asset in the database. It is also possible to strategically install antennas at entry/exit locations of the warehouse or stock and control the movement of the asset within the enterprise.

Thus, such solutions allow for greater flexibility in the asset management process, compared to platelet and bar code methods.

Advantages of Implementing RFID Solutions

  • Ability to store data, read and send data to RFID tags (RFID tag);
  • RFID tags are manufactured in different formats and sizes, and can be encapsulated and applied as smart labels and cards;
  • Detection and reading of the tag without the need for proximity to the radio frequency reader;
  • Durability of RFID tags, with the possibility of reuse


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