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The largest asset consulting contract in Brazil.

18 years in operation of an asset and inventory management and valuation team performing services in the areas of assets, accounting, inventory, registration, engineering, operations, network, IT, M&A, real estate and financial management.

Solutions for your company

Accounting Convergence to Comply with IFRS, CPCs and Law 11,638

Asset Management Outsourcing

Diagnosis and Review of Processes Related to Fixed Assets

Real Estate Diagnosis, Organization and Document Management

Consulting for SOX Service, Internal Controls and Compliance

Implementation of Real Estate Control Systems and Documents

About our Consulting

Outsourcing activities or specific projects were carried out in the most varied segments, which provide CPCON with expertise suited to its demand.

Let CPCON's consulting solutions support your managers' decision-making and assist them in international convergence!


Our team of specialists is prepared to assist you and carry out the best solution in Asset Valuation for your company!