Fixed Asset Management

Asset and inventory management is essential in companies.

get to know the biggest solutions focused on inventory, process review, outsourcing and management of assets and stocks, optimizing efforts and ensuring improvement and more efficiency in results.

Solutions for your company

Asset Inventory with Photographic Record

Asset Management Outsourcing

Support for Asset Module Deployment in the most diverse ERPs

Credit Review (PIS, COFINS, ICMS-CIAP)

Sanitation of Materials Registration

Reports to Support the Write-off of Assets Not Located in the Inventories

Assessments for managerial, legal and warranty purposes

Inventory Inventory

Analysis and Assembly of the Equity, Accounting and Tax Base

About Our Asset and Inventory Management

CPCON has solutions focused on inventory and stocks. Not only asset identification with barcode or RFID tags, but also with photographic record of the assets. Included in the range of services, CPCON also offers support to asset management outsourcing, cleaning up the registration of materials, complying with all the rules and procedures in force and also the related credit review (PIS, COFINS, ICMS-CIAP).

Companies need to fit correctly in the face of Brazilian accounting standards. In this way, given the asset management service offered by CPCON, there is the implementation of the correct procedures necessary in public and private administrations in view of equity variations, acquisitions, write-offs, correct classifications, destinations and registrations, to allow and evidence the consolidation of equity records .

Know-how in the Accounting Records Process

  • Complete asset inventory;
  • Implementation of identification tags/plates with RFID technology or barcode;
  • Review of physical and accounting records;
  • Physical vs. accounting reconciliation;
  • Detailed survey of properties, document review, regularization, evaluation for various purposes;
  • Supply and implementation of asset management system;
  • Automation process for future inventories.

Customer profile for this demand

  • Traceability of company assets;
  • Better use of your assets over the life cycle: acquisition, use/depreciation and write-off;
  • Optimization of asset availability;
  • Cost reduction in repairs and consequently increased productivity linked to the asset;
  • Control and planning of actions under assets;
  • Impact on the quality of services provided to customers;
  • Maximization of results;
  • Better control and security/compliance with necessary regulations.

assets is a great benefit for the enterprise, as it contains valuable knowledge about the financial state of the company's assets. Such information is very relevant when making strategic decisions by the leadership;

Companies that seek to prioritize investments and concentrate efforts on the most critical assets, which are linked to the project's results, are clients that meet the needs of implementing efficient asset management. In general. Enterprises that seek efficient asset management will have benefits such as:


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