Asset Valuation

Do you need to assess your company's assets or do you need to assess your business?

Operating since 1995 in the area of asset consultancy, CPCON has the necessary expertise to carry out asset assessment services, property assessment, business and enterprise assessment.

Solutions for your company

Compliance with CPC27: useful life review

Asset Valuation: tangible and intangible assets

Evaluation for purchase and sale

Insurance purposes evaluation

Compliance with CPC01: Impairment test

Evaluation to support the judicial expertise

Support for M&A operations

Assessments for managerial, legal and warranty purposes

Evaluation of the lease value


Our assessments comply with the requirements of national and international legislation, in addition to the assessment regulations of NBR14653, IBAPE, CVM, and other regulatory bodies.

Through the consulting service, your business will have full support to close good deals or carry out market studies, corporate transactions, sale or acquisition of Companies. In the equity valuation process, tangible and intangible assets, which involve complex operations for accounting, tax, corporate and economic purposes, are evaluated.

Available activities and scopes

  • Evaluations of industrial complexes, machinery and equipment, installations, furniture and utensils; and computer equipment;
  • Assessments of mineral deposits, ships, aircraft, and other types of goods.
  • Assessments to support import and export processes;
  • Economic valuation of companies for the purpose of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and sale, as well as opening and delisting;
  • Accounting management: assessments and revaluations of assets with a managerial focus, on insurance and guarantees.

Required for your company

Customers who want and need to know the real market values of all the company's assets, in order to be able to define a report with the current situation of the enterprise's assets.

Having the equity appraisal report is a great benefit for the enterprise, as it contains valuable knowledge about the financial state of the company's equity. Such information is very relevant when making strategic decisions by the leadership;

Such as merger, spin-off, incorporation, purchase and sale operation.


Our team of specialists is prepared to assist you and carry out the best solution in Asset Valuation for your company!