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Our Barcode software solutions help clients to eliminate manual control, streamline physical inventories and manage assets into a single dashboard

As financial reporting, regulatory compliance and internal planning needs arise, organizations often use barcodes systems to audit, update and report their asset database and monitor asset movements. Our asset tracking software (Cube Inventory) creates a dashboard that works with leading Handheld Barcode Readers, Tablets or Android Mobiles to conduct physical inventories, keep track of their assets and general digital discrepancy and custom reports. Note that the software has easy integration with enterprise systems (ERP) like SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo (etc.).

Not only managers could use our asset tracking system to find assets and access history, but they are also able to create or redesign check-in/out process of fixed assets, assign assets to employees, issue automatic notifications, and define asset information (images, details, condition, etc.) and classifications. Finally, generating detailed discrepancy and history reports. Benefits include promoting an increase financial supervision, internal control and regulatory compliance.

System Features

Mobile Ready APP

– Cube Assets Mobile APP is suitable for Android, Tablets and Handheld Readers to undertake fixed asset inventories, perform check-in/out of assets and reconciliation, scan barcoding and update associated information, store and forward online/offline data to dashboard. This application can be used to scan and print Barcodes tags.

Dashboard Creation

– Our web-based Cube Assets Management Dashboard allows users to view and manage updated inventory data, trace asset’s history, issue automatic notifications, assign items to employees, and generate discrepancy and custom reports. The system has flexible integration with other enterprise applications, such as ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc.). Cloud-based or self-hosted solutions are available

Set Roles to Employees

– Users can easily check-in/out assets to an employee, create and manage inventory routes, add and set administrative or viewer functions to as many users, as needed.

Check-In and Check-out Items

– From acquisition to retirement, users may design and conduct check-in and check-out process of assets to record and ensure every interaction is properly monitored, generating an accurate inventory report to comply with enterprise asset management policies and procedures.

Data Import

CSV files or Excel spreadsheets can be used to upload and add information on the items’ database

Barcode Scanning

– Perform fixed asset inventory and instantly update inventory data by scanning the asset’s barcode. Keep track of your fixed assets.

Custom Fields

– Create an unlimited number of custom fields to enter additional information


– Our system involves SSL data encryption to ensures clients receive protection over data transfers from hardware to servers.

Rest API

o Our tracking system has a robust JSON REST API to directly integrate with any enterprise (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle, IBM (etc.).

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

– Include monthly and annual licenses for both Mobile APP and Tracking Software. Free trials are available upon request.

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Barcode Asset Tracking System

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Barcode Asset Tracking System

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Barcode Asset Tracking System

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Barcode Asset Tracking System
Barcode Asset Tracking System


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Barcode Asset Tracking System